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Bear's Den

SERVICES    Hand Made wood decor

Custom orders  -     Welcomed

(Turn around time's may vary depending time of year)

Everything is made by hand and takes several hours to complete.  I take custom orders all the time. For discounts check my Facebook and Instagram account!  The lead time for a custom order can take up to 3 weeks depending on the time of year.  I do have inventory on hand and you are welcome to purchase anything I have listed. Remember "custom order" doesn't mean expensive, just mean unique!  Who doesn't like that?!


I show case both things I have in stock and things I don't. The stock may vary from month to month but If I'm out I can always make more. All items in stock can be purchased online or from one of my events. 

I am signed up for many Craft Shows, Bazaars, and markets throughout the year!  Here in the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas. Check us out on social media for our current events! 

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Show case

          You Light My Fire

Mountain Life

Fishing in the Dark

Necklace Holder

Take a Look at some of my work. If you have any questions or interested in an item, send me an email. I would love to answer questions and always happy to create a piece of art for you. Keep checking back!!  Always coming up with new items.



Log Animals


Bird Houses


Dual Monitor Stands


Wall Art



Ring holders

Kicten decor


Wine Holders

Wedding decor


Name Plaques

Miscellaneous items


    Furniture & furniture repair