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Not your grandma's Piggy bank!

I had a customer reach out and asked if I would make her a piggy bank, one that doesn't look like a pig. I designed this beautiful box from scratch.

I started off by cutting 2 pieces of 1/4 inch birch plywood. Then I took the design she wanted and burned that design into the birch. Now off to design the box. I chose to use some soft pine wood. I had to make some picture frames for the front and the back, this is where I inserted the 1/4 inch birch that has the design.

I decided to make this picture frame one piece instead of 4. Once that was done we attached the designs and put the box together. The lid was another task. I wanted her to be able to access the coins. I decided to add some more wood burning to the lid and came up with the word "wolf" and then 2 paws. Then added the coin slot to the middle of the "O" in wolf.

Once that was finished I added felt to the inside to make it look nice clean. Added some small antique hinges, clasp, and a chain on the inside to keep the lid from opening to far. To finish off the box, I added her favorite color blue. Did a wash style finish with stain and the blue iridescent pigment. Finished it off with some Minwax sealer to add that shine and to protect it.

This is one of my favorites, but I do say that about all my work.

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed this first blog. There will be many more to come.

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